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‘Stories of Giants’ is a creative recovery project aiming to document the impacts of the June 9, 2021 storms in the Dandenong Ranges. Emma Jennings will paint a series of portraits of impacted residents using timber salvaged from the storm.

The Australian Cultural Fund is hosting a fundraising campaign to support Emma's portrait project. We need your help to raise funds for this project! Every donation will provide time for Emma to work with impacted residents and volunteers to sensitively interview, photograph, sketch and paint their story. These are powerful examples of how communities support each other in emergencies, and how Climate Change natural disasters must be taken seriously. Please help Emma raise awareness of this important issueClick here to read the full project page and to make a donation. Thank you.

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Three years on we are all at different stages of recovery. Everyone in our community was impacted in one way or another, and we would like to creatively document those experiences.

This portrait project is proudly funding by a Yarra Ranges Council Community Arts and Heritage Grant.

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