‘The Wondrous Endurance of Life’ 2021

Watercolour and gouache on handmade Japanese paper

74 x 217cm Framed


“From the mountains to the sea, everything here is connected.  The coral reef gives us everything in our life. Endless joy and adventures, the food that we eat and the oxygen we breathe.” 

Titouan Bernicot, Founder Coral Gardeners 


Sea levels in the Pacific are rising three times faster than the global average and many islands and atolls have become uninhabitable or disappeared completely. Coral reefs could become the first ecosystems to disappear from our planet, so Coral Gardeners are working to save the reefs from total devastation, by propogating the most resilient coral species, 

aptly named ‘Super Coral’. 


The success of these gardens and the dedication of scentists, coral gardeners and local communities will hopefully ensure the survival of fragile marine ecosystems, possibly reversing or slowing the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change. 

For more information visit coralgardeners.org.


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‘The Wondrous Endurance of Life’ 2021 Emma Jennings