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‘The Wondrous Endurance of Life’ 2021

Watercolour and gouache on handmade Japanese paper

74 x 217cm Framed


“From the mountains to the sea, everything here is connected.  

The coral reef gives us everything in our life. Endless joy and adventures, the food that we eat and the oxygen we breathe.” 

Titouan Bernicot, Founder Coral Gardeners 


As islands and atolls are lost to rising sea levels, and communities scurry to move inland, the ocean lies waiting. This container of life, of ancient memories and remnants, knows no boundary.  Only infinite systems of movement and life and death. Caring for invisible ecologies seems impossible, and yet, there is meaning out there in the unseen world, in the bones and sediment; layers of stories and songs of the ancestors. Those who live to protect it know its power and value. 

Collaborating with the ocean and local communities, coral gardeners are regenerating reefs by propagating super coral - the most resilient species able to withstand rising sea temperatures. The work is silent and slow in the underwater plots and invisible to most of us. 

It makes up one of a series of interventions necessary to ensure the longevity and health of our largest living entity, the largest vessel on Earth, demonstrating beauty, strength and fragility, and the wondrous endurance of life.

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‘The Wondrous Endurance of Life’ 2021 Emma Jennings

$14,550.00 Regular Price
$11,950.00Sale Price
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