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Commissioned Artwork 

‘Serpentine Leafvine’ 2012

A commissioned piece for a lovely US customer who wanted something very specific for above her bed. This is a great way to get exactly what you want - the colours you like, the exact size for a particular place on your wall, an input into the design, and lots of progress photos along the way! Don’t be scared, it’a fun way to collaborate with an artist! Please contact me if you’re interested in commissioning a painting.


Dear Emma,


I opened the painting today.  It arrived just a few moments ago.  Emma, its even more beautiful in person!  Its absolutely gorgeous and will be so lovely in my bedroom.  I absolutely love it and cannot thank you enough. Its just beautiful, I'm so happy I didn't purchase a reproduction.  One detail I noticed and really like are the few tiny red circles that you added. 


I can't thank you enough.  I love it :)


Thank you so much!


Very best,


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