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Recently I spent a fun afternoon at Tiffaney Bishop Collectivewith the STUDIO SCHOOL students, tbC artists and mentors. We were challenged to make an artwork with beautiful vintage books kindly donated by a local tbC supporter. I had been provided with a beautiful Chinese painting book, which inspired this painting. The text is an analysis of Chinese landscape painters and poets over several centuries and describes the different approaches to their artwork. I cut the page into three sections, glued it with conservation Japanese rice paste onto unryushi paper, then painted a very simple gum tree branch over the top, embellished with some subtle decorative elements. A little bit of Australiana inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings. A very quick two hour project (with my little Oliver blissfully experimenting with watercolour pencils and collaborating with tbC’s Tim Willis)!

The other project floating around the room was a quant little book of garden poetry. It was passed around for us all to add something of our own to a page. Here are a few…(photos by Tiffaney Bishop).


For more information about the Studio School, contact Tiffaney Bishop at Tiffaney Bishop Collective.

INKaleidoscope - Making Art At HillsceneLIVE


Friday June 6, 2014 at Burrinja


Last week I had an amazing artistic experience. I was invited to collaborate with local artist Amy Middleton to create something spectacular for the first ever HillsceneLIVE event, the launch of The Hillscene magazine winter issue.


It was an evening of thought provoking experimental, spoken, sung, moving, creative performances.

Amy and I painted for three hours in the Black Box Theatre at Burrinja, inviting the audience to create compositions for us using two old projectors. We painted and drew in white, creating a kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns, up and down ladders, in and out of shadows and around each other. I had such an amazing time, loved the process from beginning to end, and loved hanging out with such an inspiring group of people. Thank you Gareth Hart for your creative energy and dreams, Adriana Alvarez for creating such a beautiful publication, my partner in crime Amy Middleton, and to the people who came along to play with our piece. I’m having withdrawals and can’t wait for the next one!


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