‘The Dying, Gilded Ocean’ 2020

Watercolour and gouache on handmade Japanese paper

60 x 90cm Framed with reclaimed Australian hardwood timber.


“The sun lay molten in the sea 

Of sand, and all the sea was rolled 

In one broad, bright intensity 

Of gold and gold and gold and gold” 

Joaquin Miller


Imagine, if coral reefs were dipped in gold, if arctic ice was crystal glass and forest dews were diamond drops. They’d be worshipped and protected. 


Voiceless, depleted ecosystems would be free to photosynthesise in a symbiotic, stable climate. What we treasure the most motivates us to make meaningful change. 


Imagine a world of equality, an equilibrium between all life and death, radiating brilliantly, like a gilded ocean.

'The Dying, Gilded Ocean' 2020 Emma Jennings