This is beautiful high quality limited edition pigment ink print on archival cotton rag paper. 110.5 x 32.5cm

The print looks amazing, it's exactly like the original! You can see the gorgeous texture of the handmade Japanese paper of the original painting, and the metallic decorative elements.

This is a hand signed limited edition of 50.

‘Anatomy of Existence’ 2016
Gouache on handmade Japanese unryushi paper and canvas
Original size 180x 61cm

'In the natural world there is an underlying order, a system of mathematical rules and repetition. Resin casts of organ blood vessels reveal a branching pattern, identical to river systems, trees, crystals, coral, ferns, clouds, chromosomes, DNA, neurons, lightning, earthquakes, and on it goes. It is called fractal geometry: the same shape repeating at every scale. It is easy to see that everything is connected. We are in everything, and everything is in us. Pattern is everywhere, micro and macro. It is the very fundamental anatomy of our existence.'


The Artist - Emma Jennings paints from her home studio in Australia’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Inspired by traditional decorative artisans and Indigenous cultures, Emma uses layers of tone, pattern and botanical studies to investigate geometry and ecological connections in the natural world.


Thank you for supporting a local artist and Australian artisans


Emma respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners, the Wurundjeri people, as the custodians of the land where she lives and works.

'Anatomy Of Existence' Signed Limited Edition Print