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2019 Fish Kills at Darling River - Drought, Fire, Flood 2021

Watercolour, gouache and charcoal on handmade Japanese paper

Framed 55cm x 119cm



Thousands of shiny metalic bodies floating in the muddy, lifeless, dirty river sludge. Drought, algae, water mis-management and ash like a moving carpet of silvery death in the rain after bushfire. 

How can we care for ecologies in a more meaningful way? How do we explain the value of things we don’t perceive to be valuable? 

There is meaning out there, in the unseen world, the dried up riverbeds, the burnt forests, the bones and the remnants. 

And there is growth and life and beauty.


This is an original painting by Emma Jennings

‘2019 Fish Kills at Darling River - Drought, Fire, Flood’ 2021 Emma Jennings

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