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Recently I spent a fun afternoon at Tiffaney Bishop Collectivewith the STUDIO SCHOOL students, tbC artists and mentors. We were challenged to make an artwork with beautiful vintage books kindly donated by a local tbC supporter. I had been provided with a beautiful Chinese painting book, which inspired this painting. The text is an analysis of Chinese landscape painters and poets over several centuries and describes the different approaches to their artwork. I cut the page into three sections, glued it with conservation Japanese rice paste onto unryushi paper, then painted a very simple gum tree branch over the top, embellished with some subtle decorative elements. A little bit of Australiana inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings. A very quick two hour project (with my little Oliver blissfully experimenting with watercolour pencils and collaborating with tbC’s Tim Willis)!

The other project floating around the room was a quant little book of garden poetry. It was passed around for us all to add something of our own to a page. Here are a few…(photos by Tiffaney Bishop).


For more information about the Studio School, contact Tiffaney Bishop at Tiffaney Bishop Collective.

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